Year 11 Information

Advent Term Update 2023

Year 11 will be taking their Core Mock GCSE Exams week commencing 13th November. All of the GCSE written exams will be taking place in the school gym, additional room(s) will also be available for those students with exam access requirements.

The timetable for the Mock exams is below:

Year 11 GCSE Mock Exams

Year 11 MFL Mock GCSE Speaking exams

GCSE French Speaking exams will begin week commencing Monday 6th November and continue all week. They will be organised in the same way as the real GCSE speaking exams and candidates will be given a time slot well in advance of the exam.  Location TBC.


All of the Mock GCSE exams will be subject to the same JCQ GCSE rules and regulations that the real GCSE’s are. These are summarised in the Exam Candidate Handbook (link below):


In short, the key things to remember are:

  • No electronic devices are allowed in the exam room – no phones, smart watches, or other devices.
  • No ordinary watches are allowed.
  • All pens/pencils etc. must be in a clear plastic bag or loose.
  • Water bottles must be clear and have no labels on them.

Students will need to listen to the invigilators instructions carefully and follow their advice – they should not worry about things that may go wrong, that are out of their control, e.g. a fire alarm – there are rules and procedures for every eventuality and no student will be disadvantaged due to circumstances beyond their control.

If  any students or Parents/Carers have any questions please ask either myself or Mrs Morris the exams officer, or email school on:

Mrs Hartharn