Homework is set via Satchel:One

(previously ‘Show My Homework’)

Satchel One

Features built with you in mind


See your child’s completed, upcoming and overdue homework in full detail. Teachers can add web links, resources and instructions to ensure you have everything you need to confidently support your child’s home learning.


View any homework feedback left by your child’s teachers including submission statuses, grades and comments. If your child has been asked to resubmit their work, the teacher’s comments will help you provide further support.

Notice Board

Keep up to date with important school announcements and upcoming events without having to rely on your child writing down the information or bringing letters home.

Support multiple children

If you have more than one child using Show My Homework, you’ll see all this information for each child in one place – even if they attend different schools!

Mobile app

Download the free mobile app to view your child’s homework on the move at any time. You only have to log in once, after which you’ll receive push notifications to keep you in the loop. The app is also a great alternative if you don’t have access to a computer at home.

Alerts & reminders

Set up email alerts or push notifications for new homework set, feedback from your child’s teacher, upcoming deadlines and school events.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Go to satchelone.com/login or open our Satchel One mobile app
  2. Click on the Parent tab and select I don’t have an account yet
  3. Search for *Saint John Houghton*
  4. Enter your email address and the code provided above (you will receive this when your child starts at Saint John Houghton CVA)
  5. Follow the on screen instructions
  6. If you already have an account, go to the Edit Profile section of your account and enter this code into the box to link your existing account to this student

Your parent account will allow you to view the full details of your child’s upcoming, completed and overdue homework tasks allowing you to provide the necessary support for your child.

Key points to remember

  • Parent accounts are completely separate to the student account but parents can still see all of the homework that has been issued to their child
  • Parents do not need to create their child’s user account, this has already been done
  • Parents should not use their child’s email address for their parent account, they should use their own email address for their account

Introduction to Satchel One for Students

  • Keep track of all your homework online with your personal To-do List. No more writing
    homework down in class!
  • View any points or badges you’ve earned for being a positive influence in school.
  • Download the mobile app to receive push notifications for new homework, upcoming
    deadlines and behaviour feedback. You can also view your timetable on the move!

Features and apps built with you in mind


Access all your homework online with full instructions from your teacher. No need to write
anything down! Submit homework in class oronline via Show My Homework.

To-do List

Your personal To-do List helps you manage your time and workload. All your homework is listed in chronological order by the due date, so when you’ve finished a task, just tick it off. No more surprise deadlines!


Use the Gradebook to track any grades you receive. Spelling Tests and Quizzes are graded
automatically, giving you instant feedback.


You can leave a comment for your teacher before the homework is due. Ask questions to ensure
you understand fully, or request a time slot for face-to-face support.


View your lesson timetable in full.


View your attendance and punctuality rates.


View full details of any points or badges you’ve been given. Any feedback, good or bad, will
include a reason and the name of the member of staff who issued it.


See full details of any detentions you receive.

Mobile app

Download the free mobile app to view all this information on the move. Set up push
notifications for new homework set, feedback from your teacher and upcoming deadlines.