SEND information

Our SENCO is Mr D Conlon

The Learning Support department values each person as an individual, working to their strengths and treating them with respect and dignity. The students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are included in all aspects of school life, spiritually, socially and in the curriculum.

The students who are Statemented or on the register at School Action Plus have an individual Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). This allows our SENCO and teaching assistants (TAs) to set each student targets, which teachers and students work towards. These are monitored by the (TAs) who evaluates the progress that has been made each term. The progress of students is also discussed at curriculum support liaison meetings (CSLM ) and at Annual Reviews. These meetings are attended by the SENCO, teaching assistants and teachers.

The school works closely with the local education authority (LEA) and external agencies. Support is available in all areas of the curriculum and is commensurate with the needs of the students. This however can be dependent on the hours of support allocated by the LEA.

Our aim for every student is to achieve their potential, regardless of their level of ability. As an alternative to the GCSE qualifications, the school also offers Certificates and Diplomas, which are an option choice at KS4.

The transition from year 6 to year 7 and year 11 to Further Education and work placement is sensitively coordinated. For those students with a Statement the SENCO visits the Primary schools and also attends the Annual Reviews in years 5 and 6. All the students are supported discreetly.

At Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy, students are supported by their peers in morning literacy and numeracy programmes. This is to help students gain in confidence and become more independent learners. As a school we believe in full inclusion.

SRS SEND Policy Version 1 Feb 2022 Publish

SRS Accessibility Policy And Plan Version 1 Publish Feb 22

SEND Information Report (Covid-19)