Supporting your child’s Learning at Home

In Year 7, 8 and 9 it supporting your child’s learning at home helps to maintain and improve academic progress. Ways in which you can help your child are:

  • Offer support to complete Hegarty (Sparx) Maths homework tasks.
  • Offer to support Science homework – Century Science on-line platform.
  • Encourage your child to read and compete their reading log for English

In addition, in Years 7, 8 and 9 each subject area has a topic knowledge Driver in student exercise books that can be used to learn ‘sticky knowledge’ from and subject specific vocabulary. Learning this key knowledge will support all students in remembering and knowing more as the academic year progresses and with each of their subject assessments.

Useful links to general school work are below and all students will always have weekly Hegarty (Sparx) Maths tasks, Science Century questions and English Reading to complete. We would encourage all students in Year 10 to begin their revision early. Year 10 mock GCSE’s are after Easter, starting Tuesday 1st May  2023 and good preparation for these assessments will help to ensure success.

As the Year 10 exams approach revision needs to be an active process to be really effective and we recommend tasks such as; making question and answer flashcards, creating mind maps and producing topic knowledge maps. Below is the Year 10 Exam timetable are links to support students revising at home:

 Year 10 Mock GCSE Timetable (this has been revised April 2023 to reflect Strike Action)

2023 Y10 Mock Exams Revised

SJH GCSE Revision Booklet

As the 2023 GCSE Exams are fast approaching we know that many parents/carers want to support their child with effective revision. Students often struggle to revise and can put this vital task off until it feels overwhelming. Please come and talk to us if you want support as a parent/carer or if you are student – Mrs Hartharn & Mrs McDermott.

Below is a list of resources Year 11 students access, if they have no work/ require extra revision material. This includes the school guide to revision:

GCSE Revision Booklet

Other Key revision resources:

English-SJHEnglish channel on Youtube/

RE- Dynamic Learning/ Eduqas Religious Studies Specification. Use your RE Homework revision booklets – any questions see Ms Bailey.

Geography- GCSE bbcbitesize- Follow the links to – Eduqas Geography

Art- Continue with drawings (discuss with teacher)

Computing- ‘craig n dave’ website

PE- bbcbitesize-OCR

Design/ Food – Use booklets provided by teacher

Engineering- Discuss with class teacher

French- Kerboodle

Spanish- Kerboodle

Music- bbcbitesize (OCR music)

Useful Websites

Contact Your Curriculum Leader

If you need any curriculum support whilst working from home, please use the contacts below.


Mr C Curtis –


Mr N Burns –

Religious Studies

Mrs P Bailey –


Mrs K Finney –

Digital and Creative Technology

Mr S Timms –

Humanities and Geography

Mrs C Etienne –


Mr B Poland –


Mr D Quenby –

Modern Foreign Languages

Miss D Cook –

Physical Education and Sports Studies

Mrs K Joslin –