2024 GCSE Exams

The written GCSE Exams this summer begin on Thursday 9th May at 9am.

The last written exam is Wednesday 19th June at 9am.  However, please note that no student should be unavailable to sit an exam until after June 26th – this is the last National Contingency day, should there be an issue within the exam season JCQ reserve the right to move exams to this last date.

A full exam timetable is available below:

2024 GCSE Timetable

Full student attendance is required throughout the GCSE Exam session. Please do not book routine medical/dental appointments as exams cannot be repeated or delayed.

Please be aware that exams re-start on Monday 3rd June at 9am straight after the half term holiday.

The timings of the GCSE exams this year have allowed us to offer an unprecedented level of pre-exam support for all our students. We have been able to timetable a bespoke package of revision for Summer 2024 and also offer 8am pre-exam booster sessions for any students who are able to attend.

  • · In a designated Revision Booster session.
  • · In a timetabled lesson revising independently.
  • · Or on a specified independent study day.

A link to the exam timetable with the revision booster timetable are below – please be aware that changes may occur as the exam season progresses, we will endeavour to communicate these to both students and parents/carers as soon as possible.

Booster Session Timetable Wk 1

Booster Session Timetable Wk2

Booster Session Timetable Wk 3

Booster Session Timetable Wk 4

Booster Session Timetable Wk 5

Booster Session Timetable Wk 6

GCSE 2024: Updates for Parents/Carers and Students

March & April 2024

Art Exam 21st and 22nd March Group 1, Group 2 Monday 25th March and Tuesday 26th March.

Food and Nutrition Practical Exam Wednesday 20th March and Thursday 21st March

Modern Foreign Language Speaking Exams will be held in school on the following dates:

Spanish Tuesday 16th April to Friday 19th April.

French Monday 22nd April to Wednesday 24th April

GCSE PE Practical Moderation

19th April 2024



If you require any further information regarding examinations, please contact jmorris@sjh.srscmat.co.uk