Beauvale Pilgrimage – Sunday 8 May 2022


On May 8th 2022 staff, students and parents gathered at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Eastwood where Fr Paul Newman greeted us and gave us a wonderful blessing, Fr Paul  prayed with us before we began our pilgrimage walk to Beauvale Priory.

Saint John Houghton CVA joined the Beauvale Diocesan Pilgrimage in honour of the Beauvale Martyrs:  Saint John Houghton & Saint Robert Lawrence (4th May 1535)

How lovely to come together with our schools at Beauvale Pilgrimage.  We would like to thank Beauvale Society for organising a wonderful pilgrimage, we had sheep with our shepherd at Mass too!  Our Lord certainly shined down on us and we have been given our Mission from Bishop Patrick:  Please bring 1 or 2 friends with you next year.

Pupils from The Priory and Saint John Houghton CVA prepared the bunting for this special Mass.  Luke and Grace from SJH Year 10 read the First and Second Reading, Rev Liam Carpenter gave the Homily; he reflected upon the life of Saint John Houghton and encouraged us to pray for Vocations and inspired us to listen to God’s calling.  Eastwood Parish provided the lovely music for the Mass.  Mrs Taylor read the Bidding Prayers.  St Thomas, The Priory and SJH students prepared the Offertory and The Knights supported Holy Communion.  How lovely to see parish and school together.

Martyrs’ Prayer

Dear Lord,
St John Houghton and Saint Robert Lawrence of Beauvale showed us how to be strong and brave when faced with fear.  They carried on believing in Jesus and practising their faith, even through they faced the most terrible death.  Dear Jesus , help us, like them, to have pride in our faith, in our school and our church.  Guide us in our everyday work; in the way that we show we are Christians, by our love to others.  Amen.